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Our Veterans have served our great country and we are here to serve them for their Home Financing needs.

We offer Veteran Home Loans up to $1.5 Million with No Lender Fees and regardless of your County's Maximum Conforming Loan Limits.

And Importantly - our VA loans are thousands of dollars cheaper than all competitors...


Why are we The best lender for Veterans? 

How do we have the Cheapest Rates ?


Simple:  - because we choose to make less than 50% of the profit margins that online VA lenders and local banks price their rates at.  All Mortgage Rates have Lender Profit (spread) built in and it is alot...especially on Government loans like VA home Loans.

We don't have the overhead of brick and mortar buildings, layers of management salaries, or marketing budgets - thus we do fine and still offer our award winning service; and most importantly our Veterans have a long term Rate that saves them tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments by choosing BrokeredRate their lender.


All our home loans are at the very best wholesale rates, and our VA home loans are the best priced anywhere - local or Online. We are here to help and to say thank you for your Service to our Great Country to all our Veterans from WWII to Current Deployments - Guard to Active Duty.

We do Not Charge Veterans Any Lender Fees.

Most Lenders Charge 1% of the Loan Amount for VA Loan Fees.

We Charge 0% - No Lender Fees

This saves you thousands in Closing Costs.  

We request your COE free of charge

..and your Loan Rate typically will be well below any other Online VA lender or Local Bank.

Veterans Home Loans:

VA Loan Balances up to $1.5 Million



0% Down Payment Home Purchase


100% Cash Out Refinance

No Appraisal "Streamline" Refinance

Active Duty, Guard & Reserves 

VA Surviving Spouse


Credit Scores from 640+

We pull your Certificate of Eligibility for you

We can fix your Eligibility Status from prior VA Home Loans

VA IRRRLS typically are completed in 3-5 days.

Our VA Loans are 100% Esign

and Paperless

Click to E-sign Your Loan Docs from a Computer or Smart Phone - Anywhere

Secure email, fax or upload your personal documents. 24/7


About 14 Days from Application to Closing on Purchase and Cash Out Home Loans

3-5 Days on VA IRRRL Streamline Refinances better rate and with much less costs to you.

Current VA 2023


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7days closing.jpg
6 day approval.jpg
10 days closing.jpg
CTC in 15 days.jpg

I wanted to thank Eric Covington for navigating us through a difficult loan. We had tried local banks thinking that they would cater to us, but just the opposite happened. Eric not only catered but really educated us on what was available and looked at it like our wealth manager would have - goals, terms, payments etc...


Wonderful experience, and top notch service.

Highly Recommended

—  ZSteele from Palm Springs CA

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