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Eric Covington 

Broker - Owner    NMLS 503887

Having a creative background has allowed me a better vision of what Mortgage Lending could be. Banking traditionally is very corporate and change is not always viewed positively.  My experiences in Mortgage lending over the years, proved to me that Home Loans are not a banking commodity and need individuality for both the client and the lender on each loan. Only Brokering allows this synergy;  plus importantly to me - the Broker has the freedom to integrate technologies from other parallel industries that create a better user process and result in much better loan rates and lower costs to the borrower.  To me that is a win - win for everyone as any good deal should be.


I combined the best online security systems using healthcare based HIPAA software's and communication lines, cloud based ABA compliance storage and E-sign technologies, cloud processing and operations; and most importantly only wholesale with industries top lenders who are technology cutting edge and have the best practices for processes and underwriting. I am 100% online, 100% green/paperless and 100% available and secure 24/7 to my clients and lenders year round.

From our opening in Feb 2018 to today - I have proven Lending can be streamlined and costs to the borrower can be reduced. in 2019 I was awarded the National Fastest Speed to Close of any Brokerage by UWM, and into 2020 I have already broken my own closing records with 8 day average turn times.  My customers have a great experience, Realtors can close more business and volume with me, and I enjoy the mortgage process and helping my clients save tens of thousands long term in interest and upfront fees.  I feel this is thee way Mortgages should be done and always so happy I became a wholesaler and left the traditional banking/lender world behind.


Eric Covington MFA


To see my Mortgage Lending History check out my Linkedin Page or My NMLS Consumer Record.

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Eric Covington

I wanted to thank Eric Covington for navigating us through a difficult loan. We had tried local banks thinking that they would cater to us, but just the opposite happened. Eric not only catered but really educated us on what was available and looked at it like our wealth manager would have - goals, terms, payments etc...


Wonderful experience, and top notch service.

Highly Recommended

—  ZSteele from Palm Springs CA

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